Distressed Real Estate

The technical and structural requirements for a property are changing faster than ever. Whether it is energy efficiency, fire protection or the general requirements for a modern workspace in an office, every change in the underlying conditions shortens the lifecycle of a property and therefore the interval between interventions. By undertaking an extensive analysis, the scenario where a property no longer meets the requirements placed on it can be counteracted in advance, and financial losses can be significantly limited.

Distressed Transactions

Angermann Consult handles real estate problems in all locations and across all real estate segments. For more than 60 years, insolvency administrators and mortgage holders throughout Germany have commissioned us to analyse and find solutions, or to dispose of affected real estate. But we also provide our clients with advice and assistance to find the right solution for their property.


  •     Data collection and recording
  •     Analysis of the property
  •     Estimate of price
  •     Preparation of sales documents
  •     Purchaser identification
  •     Approaching potential purchasers
  •     Execution of a bidding process
  •     Analysis of bids
  •     Awarding exclusivity
  •     Purchase contract negotiation
  •     Notarisation


Our objective:

  • Achieving the highest possible purchase price
  • Creation of the highest possible transparency
  • Targeted market positioning

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio analysis is an established strategic real estate management planning tool and is employed to achieve the greatest possible growth in value for real estate in the long term. The primary goal is to make owners and investors aware of the opportunities and risks, and to support a value-optimised strategy.


  • Performance assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Development of future portfolio strategies
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Investment policies
  • Analysis of the existing financing structure
  • Identification and evaluation of alternative courses of action


Our objectives:

  • Optimisation of management
  • Optimisation of processes
  • Cost reduction

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Julian Kröncke

Julian Kröncke

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